Guelph Food Corporation was established in 2015 with 100 million RMB in National Yancheng Free Trade Zone, which mainly produce raw material, such as premix and vegetable protein liquid for bakery products. The factory for the first investment cover an area of more than 10’000 square meters. The capacity of the factory is 2000 t for the bread premix and 400 t for the vegetable protein liquid.  


The factory of Guelph was strictly established by the standard of GMP with automatic process line. 


Guelph Food corporation only uses 100% Canadian Wheat Flour, and we believe only best raw material can bring us best products. 


Guelph Food Corporation cooperates with Canadian professors and adopts the international advanced biological technology to develop our products. Guelph bread premix has high water absorption which make the bread owns super soft, fantastic elasticity and longer shelf life. There is no doubt it can bring the bakery shops incremental profit. Meanwhile, the vegetable protein liquid is also the initiate of China. It is made by biological protein membrane technology. It is used to glaze the surface of the bakery products instead of the eggs. it is better than traditional egg liquid and it can solve the safety issues from the egg liquid. Furthermore, the professional after service team of Guelph can bring considerable support and innovation for our clients. We believe our company—Guelph Food Corporation can push and improve the development of bakery industry through our product and service. 


Guelph Food Corporation was born in the general trend of bakery industry, our team will use our advanced resources and technology to work for the transformation and upgrading for the bakery industry. 

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